Metro Dry Cleaners is proud to offer J. Hilburn Made-To-Measure Suits & Custom Shirting. As a part of our J.Hilburn, we tailor our services for each client individually, carefully curating wardrobes that fit a man's personality as well as his measurements. We practice the long-lost art of delivering one-on-one attention, which is why we proudly call ourselves J. Hilburn Personal Stylists.

  • Enjoy private fittings at our new menswear showroom (next door to Metro Dry Cleaners)

  • Convenient fittings + alterations: we can come to you at your home or place of business

  • J. Hilburn uses only the finest fabrics in the world for its premium, custom men's apparel

Contact our J. Hilburn Personal Stylist to schedule your appointment:

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J. Hilburn Stylist Cranberry PA
J Hilburn Tailored Menswear Cranberry PA
Custom Menswear Cranberry PA J Hilburn